Monday Closed
Tuesday & Wednesday
9.30am - 3.30pm
Thursday & Friday
9.30am - 6.00pm
9.30am to 5.00pm
10.00am to 4.00pm

Off Peak till 3.30pm
(Term Time only)

Under 1 Year - £1.00
(or free with paying sibling)
Under 4 Years - £4.00
Over 4 years - £4.75
Adult - £1.00

Peak Times after 3.30pm
including weekends

Under 1 Year - £2.00
(or free with paying sibling)
Under 4 years - £5.00
Over 4 years - £5.50
Adult - £1.00

Special Needs Playdays

We will offer reduced entry at £3.50 per child & carer free.

When we thought up the idea of opening a children's play centre one of the main reasons we decided to go ahead was the idea was the chance to offer a safe and exciting place where children with special needs could go and enjoy being a child and have some real fun! We were able to meet with the Bedford & District Cerebral Palsy Society who provided us with a valuable insight into the needs of children with complex needs and how we could best ensure we designed an all-inclusive centre.

When we went through the design process we tried to ensure that disabled children could enjoy the equipment by adapting certain areas. We have installed a special floor and entrance into our sports court that is wheelchair friendly so the children can have an indoor area to play basketball, etc. We have a special sensory corner with interactive bubble tube and interactive music wall.

After meeting with the DBCPS we realized the importance of providing a more practical design of the disabled facilities and they recommended we investigate the Changing Places facility. We have therefore allowed the room for this facility which we plan to complete in the immediate future.

Reduced rates will apply for all children with complex needs If there is any equipment that you believe your children would enjoy and would benefit other children please let us know as we really welcome any advice, tips, etc........... We also would like to plan a monthly disco night for the siblings of children with complex needs so please could you register your interest now and more details will be available shortly.